Reversible Japanese Knot Bag Patterns

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Japanese Knot Bag - PDF Sewing Patterns

One free pdf sewing pattern and another designer sewing pattern for the lovely and very popular Japanese Knot Bags.  This page is updated often due to changes brought to our attention, so should the photos not match from “Pin” to “Pile”, that is probably the answer as to why.

You can try *this designer Japanese Knot bag pattern in the photo above from *WildWimin or, try the free Japanese Knot Bag instructions and hand-drafted pdf pattern that we’ve always offered here at PatternPile from littlegemsession.

How to Sew a Japanese Knot Bag with Martha Stewart

The Japanese Knot Bag is designed to be cut out of two fat quarters.  This bag is among the top five bags to sew at PatternPile since it was established.  A perfect bag for casual outings and a great bag for a youngster to carry with all of their treasures collected throughout the day.  I made a Japanese Knot bag for myself out of zebra-striped fleece and I keep it inside of my massive purse as a spare bag. No zippers,snaps, buttons, or any type of hardware.  One looped strap simply slips over the other to keep everything safe inside.  Such a simple concept! Please watch the free video tutorial above as well.

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